The Fine Lines of Our Lives

There are fine lines in our lives that form the basis of our decisions. At first, there’s the Affordability Line: When life is not even affordable, we struggle for mere survival. There’s barely a choice of what to do or how to live. When circumstances become better, we cross the Affordability Line and start to…

A Eulogy for Change

You are waiting for a change. A change that will take you far away. You know where you hope this change will take you, but you don’t know for sure. Yet it doesn’t matter, because we’re in this together. {END}

Hail to The Antagonists of Our Lives

In life or work, we don’t want to get caught at our worst moments – saying something bad, doing something wrong. Unfortunately, some of us intuitively choose to get out of and further avoid that situation by distancing ourselves from the witnesses who were there and who were often the “antagonists”, rather than reaching the…

Abandoned Artifacts

A little girl in purple built and left these beautiful artifacts:        

About Choice

Making choice could be really hard. What we talk about when we talk about choice? It’s not about what choices we make, but about how we make them. I recently watched a movie, About Time, which, to me, feels like a warm, sweet love letter of musing to the concept of life, that is, in…