Blog Recap 2022

I started 2022 with a simple thought: what if I write one blog post every week this year? I didn’t care about the quality, I just needed practice. I gladly did it.

Here are the posts I wrote in 2022–

Organization and Transformation

Three Causes and Three Pillars in Organizations
Three Misconceptions About Organizational Transformation
Creativity is Overrated in Organizations
The Logic of Designing a Team
Four Conflicts of Organizational Transformation
Organization and Formations
Does Your Organization Have a Social Strategy for Its Intranet?
Workplace Doesn’t Want to be Apolitical: Transformation, Activism and Political Workplace
The Phase Transition of Change Management
Change Management is an Infinite Game
Organizational Amnesia and Knowledge Management
Innovation, Transformation and Learning
Innovation and the Public Sector
The Myth of Scaling Small Success
Disciplinary Remix and Transformation
By Design: Organization and Transformation in Context (CapCHI Talk)

Power, Oversight and Leadership

Leadership and Its Enemies
Criticism and Leadership
Five Guiding Principles For Designing a Team
What Does a Reference Check Do?
The Bias of The Evidence-Based Approach
Leadership and Consistency
Organization and Democracy
Washroom Vs. Social Media: On Governance and Oversight

Ruminations For Aspiring Designers

This is an ongoing special series that collects what I’d like to share with aspiring designers.
Own the Role of Designer, Not the Job Title
Learn the Design Expertise, Not the Design Tricks
Build your designer profile, not just your design skills
Being a Designer is Like Being a Human
What Are You Designing, Exactly?
Learn How to Escape Your Moment Prisons, All the Time
Do NOT Follow Your Heart
Designer’s Role is Bigger Than Yourself
Don’t Become a Designer If…
You’re Not Designing If You Can’t Explain Your Design Decisions
The Design Profession Needs Everyone Else To Raise the Bar
Your Design Career Needs a Double Diamond
Learn Programming Philosophies to Design the Digital World
If You Can’t Help People, Then It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re a Designer
Take AI, Analytics and Automation Seriously
It’s Easy to “Make Things Pretty” But Very Hard to Make Them Meaningful
The Two Practices of Design Learning
We Can’t Talk About Design Without Talking About Power
Being a Designer Is a Narrow Mode of Work But a Wide Way of Life
A Designer’s Guide to Working With Other People

Design, Designer and Beyond

Service, Product and UX Oh My!
Thoughts on JTBD, User Stories and Persona
Why Designers Don’t Think About Agile
Data Analytics and Design
Does Every Designer Want to Do More Strategy?


Noah’s Innovation Reading List

K ][ N G of A R T™

Is It Or…?
Ambigram: MC
Ambigram: Sarah
Ambigram: BatVal


I still need practice in 2023.


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