Hail to The Antagonists of Our Lives

Inception Meme: Making Mistakes

In life or work, we don’t want to get caught at our worst moments – saying something bad, doing something wrong.

Unfortunately, some of us intuitively choose to get out of and further avoid that situation by distancing ourselves from the witnesses who were there and who were often the “antagonists”, rather than reaching the latter for feedback and advice.

That’s a grave mistake.

Those “antagonists” could, unfortunately, often be the enablers or facilitators of your worst moments. We probably wouldn’t have said or done worst things without their participation in the respective situations. Sometimes we easily blame them for our own wrongdoing.

But that’s why their perspectives and feedback are the most important things we can ever have to help us explore ways to improve ourselves.

Criticism is the single most important clue to the worst parts we’d never want to proactively explore by ourselves.

Just like compliment, criticism is subjective. There’s no absolute right or wrong, there are just different perspectives and minds. A glass of water can be half full and half empty at the same time. We reflect on the meaning of both to make sense of reality.

And, more importantly, we mature as humans by confronting criticism, reflecting on it, and adjusting accordingly.

Hail to the antagonists of our lives.


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