Design Reasoning and The Innovation of Meaning

What’s peculiar about the relationship between design and innovation? Why are they so related in the rhetorics of the past decades? How does design lead to innovation (if at all)? When and where do design and innovation overlap? The clues might just be here, right in the understanding of design and the perspective on innovation….

Designerly Thought of the Day #20180223

The first step to understand design is to know that the act of designing doesn’t quite fit into the traditional, analytical approach of problem solving ubiquitously seen in business. Design goes beyond deduction, inference, to the realm of abduction. Design abduction is the source of creativity in business.

Designerly Thought of the Day #20180221

There’s nothing wrong in thinking that certain things in business are immeasurable or intangible, until it becomes an unfortunately habit that facilitates indifference to creative problem solving or creativity itself. Don NOT ask “what have we been measuring lately?” Instead, ask “what haven’t we been measuring lately?”

Designerly Thought of the Day #20180214

In the business world, creativity in design is first and foremost creativity in solving business problems. It’s creative problem solving, at least initially. There are no dull scenarios in business, because there are always ways to be creative if you try hard enough.

The Chasm to Divergent Thinking

Everyone understands it. No one would likely to disagree with it. Yet the practice of it is not as common as we’d wish it could be. The Subtle Reality of Divergent Thinking The subtle reality is that it’s sometimes hard NOT to skip the divergent thinking phase when we’re under circumstantial pressure. Zooming out is…

The Chain of Clarification and the Wall of Clarity

‘What do you mean by that?’ Scott Berkun’s post, The Best Definition of Innovation, points out a very important issue about how we solve business problems: The best thing is ask anyone who uses the word innovation is: What do you mean when you say that? Even in what he regards as the best definition…

What Design Thinking Is NOT

The polymorphic nature of the concept makes it easier to understand what it’s not than to see what exactly it is.