The Sillygun Belly Tales


The Sillygun Belly Tales is a tweeries about the startup culture, startup founders, venture capitalists, and angel investors. Read the tweets here.


Here in Sillygun Belly, venture capitalists hire psychoanalysts to help determine how crazy startup founders are — some of them even are.

In other parts of the world, youngsters dream of changing the world by building a mobile app that does nothing in three days.


Scily Ganbaly, the elite university graduate disguised as a high school dropout, returns to Sillygun Belly to start something, ideally crazy, up.


Here in Sillygun Belly, the tradition goes that if you didn’t startup something before the age of 20, then you’re either a loser or a venture capitalist.

In other parts of the world, startup-founder-turned venture capitalists give you advices out of the textbooks on selection bias.


Here in Sillygun Belly the pitch and the startup founder’s personality are the only two things that matter. Changetheworldability is irrelevant.

In other parts of the world, startup founders bother to add changetheworldable flavours to any recipe, even when inedible.


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