Thoughts on Interaction Design 2nd Edition


Thoughts on Interaction Design 2nd Edition Book Cover
Thoughts on Interaction Design 2nd Edition

Translated by me into Simplified Chinese in 2012, Jon Kolko‘s Thoughts on Interaction Design, 2nd Edition:

…offers readers new insights into Interaction Design and the connections between people and technology. Now in its second edition, Jon Kolko’s best-selling title builds upon its engaging material aimed to educate Designers, help Designers educate business owners, and legitimize Interaction Design for businesses. This edition explores how changes in the economic climate, an increased connectivity, and an international adoption of technology affect designing for behavior and the nature of design itself. Ultimately, the text exists to provide a definition that encompasses the intellectual facets of the field, the conceptual underpinnings of interaction design as a legitimate human-centered field, and the particular methods used by practitioners in their day-to-day experiences.

The Simplified Chinese edition’s title, 交互设计沉思录, literally means Ruminations on Interaction Design, which I think describes the book well.

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