The Role of Believing in Transformative Change

Believing works only when there’s goodwill.

Goodwill works only when it’s mutual.

Mutual goodwill only appears when there’s trust.

Trust works only when there’s good relationship.

Good relationship works only when people are sincere.

Sincerity works only when culture affords it.

Culture works only when there’s good leadership.

Leadership works only when people are not disenfranchised.

Enfranchisement works only when there’s belief.

Belief relies on people believing.

So yes, mechanism matters, especially one that places incentives in the right place, motivates people at the right time and mobilizes biases in the right organization.

Mechanism building requires experiment.

Experiment requires courage.

Having the courage to experiment requires a safe space to manage risk.

Effective risk management requires efficient oversight.


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