Noah’s Innovation Reading List

A friend recently asked me for book or article recommendations on innovation as a general topic.

I thought about it and, since nothing specific was emphasized, I gave it a try based on my own reading preference.

The book list includes three categories:

  • Appetizers are books that got me through the door of exploration over the years. They inspired me to think widely and deeply about innovation.
  • Entrée includes books that helped me do things towards maximizing the possibility for change. Not for innovation though, as innovation can never be self-proclaimed, it’s merely a praise from others when they look back at the legacy of what you did quite a while ago. Those books are pretty serious stuff, and the topics vary.
  • Desserts are further discourses that helped me think and rethink what I learned from my own practice.

So here it is, a rather personal reading list on innovation, with my rather personal comments–


Entrée (Main Course)*


What do you think? Feel free to comment and add your own recommended innovation readings!


*Entrée or main course? Okay, this is kinda tricky – according to Wikipedia, “entrée” means main course in US and Canada except Quebec; while it means appetizer in Quebec, even for English-speaking Québecois.

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