Does Every Designer Want to Do More Strategy?

Came by a good thread the other day (yes, it’s worth your read):

Every designer wants to “do more strategy.”
Few designers understand what “doing more strategy” actually entails.
Even fewer have demonstrated any obvious aptitude for strategy.
As such “do more strategy” really translates as “do less actual production work.”

Andy Budd on Twitter

Great points all the way down, but the assumption that every designer wants to “do more strategy” is unsupported.

That assumption misreads the power dynamics in orgs and is biased towards the moaning designers who don’t really think deep about their profession.

My guess is that way more designers simply want to be empowered and have the power to do the right thing in the right way.

The resort to “do more strategy” is often a symptom of incompetent leadership, toxic culture and misplaced organizational incentives.


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