Leadership and Consistency

Leadership is very hard because any inconsistency becomes a sign of doubt in the eyes of your team.

If you hide your inconsistency, it gets worse by their suspicion.

If you want to deal with your own inconsistency, you have to be honest, transparent and vulnerable to your team of people.

It’s not about being honest once, but about being honest consistently.

It’s not about being transparent once, but about being transparent consistently.

And it’s not about being vulnerable once, but about being vulnerable consistently.

Wouldn’t somebody exploit your honesty, transparency and vulnerability?

Yes, they would.

Same goes for democracy, by the way. Somehow most of us think democracy is worth it.

Hiding your vulnerability from your team merely means you value yourself more — over your team.

Being a leader is very hard indeed.

Because when it comes to honesty, transparency and vulnerability, you need your team more than they need you.

Your team of people expects consistency from your leadership. And they expect honesty, transparency and vulnerability from you about your inconsistency, as much as you do from them.

And you’ll have to be honest about that too. Consistently.

How consistent is your leadership?



  1. “Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.” Brené Brown

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