Workplace Doesn’t Want to be Apolitical: Transformation, Activism and Political Workplace

Activism is inherently transformative and it needs a political workplace to happen.

Transformation needs activism, for the simple reason that it is first and foremost about changing any status quo that clings to existential dead end.

If your workplace is apolitical, then there’s no space for activism.

If there’s no space for activism in the workplace, then there’s no room for transformation to happen from the bottom-up.

To what extent does your organization’s workplace afford, encourage and support activism?


James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

But what do we mean by “political” here?

It’s not political as used when we talk about governance, parties or election. It’s not about being conservative or progressive, or a combatant asshole.

It’s about being conscious of power in organizations in actionable ways.

It’s about creatively imagining alternatives in the face of institutional corruption.

It’s about having radical hope on transforming the organization by nudging and challenging the status quo.

Workplace doesn’t want to be apolitical.

Workplace needs to be political to change, evolve and transform an organization.

You don’t have to be an activist to be part of the progress.

You just have to be political at heart.



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