Bookview: An Intelligent Career


Our average “career books” are usually emotionally inspiring, pragmatically instructive, but, unfortunately, profoundly lacking in helping us reflect and elaborate deeply in a holistic, self-defining way. Many of them give us what we want, but not what we need.

No book can tell us what “I” need, because the true career- or life-defining ideas and values can only originate from ourselves (besides being inspired by others).

Career books are only our guidance, our Mentor (sometimes, I’d say, simply our lackluster sidekick) in our hero’s journey.

We want guidance, but we need the thinking tools and the frameworks to discover and explore our own unique paths. We can only find inspiration, not truth, from other people’s stories.

An Intelligent Career is a book that provides the thinking tools we need and to provoke our thoughts for further exploration.

In a nutshell: it’s not your stereotypical career book, it’s much deeper and far more helpful.

Highly recommended!


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