Tractatus Logico-Measuremicus: Goal Comes Before Measurement, Not Vice Versa

1. Goal comes before measurement

1.1 Before making any kind of measurement, we need to set goals first

1.2 Measurement can only be created according to goals

1.2.1. To measure anything, we always use a set of criteria for quantitative or qualitative qualification

1.2.2 The set of criteria reflects the aspects or angles from which we inspect the resulting observable evidence of effects

1.2.3 The reason we want to inspect the evidence is tightly coupled with our goals, implicitly or explicitly defined For example, when we look at the stats of a website, we might think we don’t really have a goal yet, but implicitly, we actually still assume a tentative goal by default, because the set of criteria being used for website stats – the number of visits, bounce rate, etc. – is created and framed by assuming the goal is related to monitoring or changing the number of visits or bounce rate etc., which are related, in a bigger context, to bigger goals such as increasing popularity We can always trace any kind of measurement back to one or more presumed goals

1.2.4. Without goals, there’s no reason to observe or inspect at all Goals are embedded even in our basic instincts, from an evolutionary point of view Goals are sometimes subconsciously presumed

2. Not vice versa

2.1 Anyone who assumes that notion should think again

2.2 The notion that we can measure without goals is the result of logical ignorance and an illusion of being intelligent and reasonable

3. What we cannot measure we must pass over in silence


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