What Your Manager Expect From You

I’m your manager. And one day I tell you, I have this idea blah blah blah, could you work on it. You tell me sure I will.

My idea is half-baked. There are no clear path to approach the task. Everything is kind of vague and uncertain.

What do I expect from you?

First, there could be many reasons that my idea is half-baked. Maybe I’m busy working on some other higher priorities and I just don’t have the time. Maybe that’s just how I work. Good or bad, that’s just it.

Secondly, as your manager, I sometimes really do not have the time to think something through.

If I can always think it through, what’s left to you on the task would be just everything a robot or computer could accomplish – you’d be out.

If I have to make the choice among the available options alone, every time we need to decide, it’d be better if I just do it myself. I don’t expect you to tell me the options, I expect you to tell me the reasoning behind those options and your opinion. Your opinion matters not because you may be right, but because it may contribute to a creative exploration of the task at hand by bringing fresh perspectives other than mine.

If you agree on everything I say, I’d doubt if you really think at all or if you’re any good.

If you wait for my choice and preference on every single issue, I’d doubt if you’ve done anything at all and I’d wonder if I should really let you do it.

I expect you to think it through and provide your comments, thoughts, feedback about it.

I expect you to point out when my idea is simply bad and why you think it’s bad.

I expect you to proactively elaborate further on the idea and build upon it with or without my further contribution.

I expect you to have an opinion about it, provided that you can explain it thoroughly.

I expect you to report back to me the options we have AND your preference AND why you prefer that one.

I expect you to challenge me when you think I’ve got some critical things wrong.

I expect you to be better.

I expect collaboration.

Okay, I’m not your manager.

But your manager is.


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