The Sillygun Belly Tales: An Ongoing Tweeries

The Sillygun Belly Tales, my new tweeries, has debuted a long time ago, as long as last week.

A parody of the startup culture and the venture capitalist extremism, the tweeries elaborates on the meanings and impacts of various topics

And, of course, the name Sillygun Belly is not a parody of the (in)famous Silicon Valley. And one of the recurring characters, an elite graduate in high school dropout disguise, Scily Ganbaly has nothing to do with Japanese words. Nor is Alex’s Adventures in Founderland, or Through the Funding-Harass: And What Alex Found There, a reference to a certain English literature classic. JargonMaster, the title character of my upcoming new tweeries, will not be guest starring here. And, most importantly, VCEG, short for Venture Capitalist Elimination Group, denies all the allegations of both their ongoing terrorist attacks on the venture capitalists and their involvement with JargonMaster, who allegedly keeps accepting VCEG members to his JM Training Camp, an exclusive training seminar on Jargonicide, which is a form of WoMD (Weapon of Mass Disorientation) that uses jargons to disorient and obfuscate venture capitalists, startup founders, along with everyone else.

Only ordinary things happen in The Sillygun Belly Tales.


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