My Interactive Storytelling Book

Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling 2nd Edition (Simplified Chinese)

So finally my Simplified Chinese translation of Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling 2nd Edition will soon be published by Posts & Telecom Press, one of the big-four information industry oriented publishing houses in China.

I wouldn’t call the cover design aesthetically satisfying, but I’m not going to kill the cover designer either. I tried to push the idea of using a visual element that reflects the concept of drama (you know, the two masks that are usually used to represent it), but eventually the first draft was used – yes, with that big embarrassing game console handle rearing its ugly head. The people element is actually a great idea, if only “drama” was in the big picture.

But anyway, I’m excited that a wider audience in China will have easier access to the concept of this ever-emerging field of Interactive Storytelling. I’m ready to be part of it.

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