Reinventing Procrastination

Tweets about procrastination, among chicken soup ones about life/work/love/sex, always get retweeted, which makes sense — it’s challenging not to procrastinate.

Or is it?

Introducing Crastinaton, a brand new way to help you procrastinate properly!

Through our innovative Crastinaton app, you get all the guidance and help you need to procrastinate in an optimal and professional way.


  • More Focused: Get away with annoying choices and responsibilities you face every single day of your life
  • More Time: Get busy dying or get busy living – spend more time on trivial things that delight
  • Guilty-Free: Procrastinate WITHOUT feeling guilty and/or responsible

When it comes to services, you’ll definitely find one of our two amazing offerings comes in handy:

Crastinaton Lite

  • FREE FOR ALL – start awesome procrastinating immediately upon download!
  • Guide and help you avoid daily “obligations” in life
  • Enjoy our awarding-winning, guilty-free procrastinating training

Crastinaton Pro

  • Crastinator membership: For as low as $5 per month (annual subscription), take your procrastination to the next level by becoming an official Crastinator
  • Fully customized procrastination for life and career with personal Crasti-Coach
  • Enjoy the award-winning, guilty-free, VIP procrastinating program in full


Besides all those amazing features, you instantly get access to Crastiverse, our private social network for Crastinators just like you to share and learn the best practices of procrastination.


You can get 24/7 help and support from our Crasti-Coach team – certified professional Crastinators (Cratinator Pro) who conduct our award-winning VIP procrastinating program around the world.

Crastinator Pro Certification Program

Of course, you can even establish a career just for procrastinating! By becoming our certified procrastinating professional, your get so much more than an exciting career and a title as grand as Crastinator Pro:

  • Free admission to ProcrastiCon, the single most important annual conference dedicated to the field of procrastination
  • Astonishingly generous Crasti-Fund to help you build your own Crasti-Coach business
  • And much more!

For more information, please visit our Crastinaton website.

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