Grouped by What? A Review of Paul Adams’ Grouped [Book]

ABSTRACT Paul Adams’ book Grouped offers some interesting quantitative data/results about human behavior, debunks the “tipping point” myth about influentials, and introduces (or should I say, emphasizes) a model of our social web. It has its pros and cons, while the bottom line is that it makes people think. In this post I’ll first try…

Lost Demos

Eva Ballon: Clown: Limbs: Boy: Self-Portrait: Boys & Girls: Misc. Uzumaki: {E N D}

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Bicentennial Man: Fighter from The Ancient Sea: Misc. Misc. Nobody Home: Skeleton: Stupid Face: Tarzan #1: Tarzan #2: Zero Way: {E N D}

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The Beatles: Beautifully Evil: Forest: Ghosts: Hands Eyes: Logic: Lungs: Man: Meet: Patterns: Skull: {E N D}